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    Thank you for your interest in Simpura Weight Loss & Wellness!


    Our physician-supervised program, developed by Tatiana Denning, D.O., is a partial meal-replacement, mildly ketogenic weight loss and lifestyle protocol, that targets fat loss, while sparing muscle mass. We have bars, shakes, and more - and patients love our food! The program is based on validated science for rapid, but healthy, safe, and effective weight loss, resulting in improved overall health and well-being.


    To get all of your questions answered, schedule your FREE 15-minute consult. Meeting one-on-one allows us to assess your individual situation and needs. Visits are conducted via telemedicine for your safety, comfort, and convenience.



    • The program provides repeatable, predictable weight loss when a patient is 100% compliant. Typical weight loss is 10+ pounds per month!
    • You should never be hungry. The program keeps you in a state of mild ketosis, which, along with the foods, acts to quell your hunger.
    • We do not use shots, pills, lasers, drops under the tongue, or any gimmicks. We aim to keep things simple and pure; however, Dr. Denning does have the full arsenal of physician's tools available.
    • No exercise is required, but moderate activity is encouraged.
    • You can still eat with your family at home and go out to eat.
    • A monthly maintenance plan is available for ongoing support once you’ve achieved your weight loss goal. We are always here to help however we can, and are committed to your success.
    • While Dr. Denning is a family physician, she will not be acting as your primary care physician, only as your weight loss physician. Please maintain your relationship with your PCP and any other physicians you see, and Dr. Denning will gladly communicate with them.




    The Initial Consultation fee is $289.00. This visit takes approximately 60-90 minutes and includes:

    • A thorough review of your medical history with physician
    • Complete medication review
    • A review of your dietary habits and weight history
    • Initial weight measurement and photos
    • Education and counseling on the dietary program and protocols
    • 3 boxes of food needed for the week
    • 2 required supplements - a multi-vitamin and a multi-mineral


    The Weekly Visit fee is $89.00. Required weekly visits help ensure success and include:

    • Weekly 15-minute visit with physician
    • One-on-one counseling, education, behavior modification, and support
    • Review of food journal as needed
    • 3 boxes of food needed for the week
    • 2 required supplements – a multi-vitamin and a multi-mineral

    The only things you purchase from the grocery store are 4 cups of vegetables and 8 ounces of lean protein per day - the rest you get in your weekly visit with us.


    *Most people say their food bill does not change - just what they are eating changes - making the program neutral in cost. What does change is their lives – people say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves.


    Give us a call today and take the first step on the journey to a better you!



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